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It's Simple but powerful chestnut peeling machine
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Chestnut Peeling Machine



Over 90% of hard shells and skins can be removed within 40-50 seconds of putting 1 kg of chestnuts into the chestnut shell remover

The product is currently installed in many supermarket 

and department stores. It has become the eye-catching spot and marketing point within the stores because consumers can view the removing scene through the transparent case of the product.

Advantages of our chestnut shell remover

  1) Remove the hard shells at once (takes 40-50 seconds)

  2) Excellent performance and low rate of failure

  3) Efficient removal of the skins (90%)

  4) Convenience in moving (30kgs)

  5) Stainless steel and materials suitable for food processing

       machines are used.

  6) Easy to operate

  7) Possible to remove outer shells only by using specialized knife

  8) The best products are made by our own advanced technology

       and know-how.

  9) Transparent front part of the apparatus: It has become a crowd-stopper

      because consumers can view the shell-removing scene.

 10) Installation of noise blocking device: worried about excessive noise

      from he machine?  It is usable anywhere because it is less noisy.

It's good for use at department stores, chestnut farms, traditional markets, discount stores, restaurants and home.


Chestnut shell peeler "Video"

Home & Bakery Use
General Use
Farm Use
chestnut peeler


If you would like more information about Dr.Maron, please contact us.

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